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Obstacle Race

1500 gets shocked and muddy at first Tough Mudder in Asia at Bali, Indonesia


In partnership with Seroja Partners, Tough Mudder made its debut in Asia on October 1, 2016 at Jimbaran Hijau, a development situated among pristine forests, scenic flatlands and breathtaking cliffs hugging the Indian Ocean in Bali, Indonesia.

“We are thrilled to now welcome Bali Mudders into the global tribe that is Mudder Nation, and we look forward to welcoming thousands more Mudders in the region at our upcoming events in Asia,” remarked Will Dean, CEO & Founder, Tough Mudder, Inc.

“The success of our first-ever event in Asia represents the strength of our partnership with Seroja, and we look forward to further expanding Mudder Nation throughout Asia and beyond.”

Obstacles are to be conquered, not avoided. (Instagram)
Obstacles are to be conquered, not avoided. (Instagram)

Attracting 1,500 participants from all walks of life – from elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts to stay-at-home moms, friends, coworkers and those who simply want to share epic memories with friends, Tough Mudder Indonesia challenged Mudders to conquer quintessential obstacles.

‘Block Ness Monster’ takes teamwork to a whole new level where Mudders have to push, pull, and roll their way through slick, rotating barriers while ‘Everest 2.0’ runs up a quarter-pipe requiring both speed and teamwork, and at ‘Electroshock Therapy’ Mudders must finish strong together as they dodge between hanging wires charged with over 10,000 volts of electricity.

“We have participated in many fitness events but Tough Mudder was the first one that really tested our team solidarity and togetherness. It pushed us to be even closer as a family,” said Indonesia fitness community Indo Sweat Camp.

Team work is key to overcoming obstacles. (Instagram)
Team work is key to overcoming obstacles. (Instagram)

Joe Wadakethalakal, Seroja CEO, added:

“We’re proud to have been able to bring this unique event series to Asia for the first time. Seeing Mudders from Indonesia, Singapore, Australia and around the world come together in Bali to work through challenges as a team was inspiring, and we’re excited to start planning our next event in Indonesia.”

Founded in the US in 2010, Tough Mudder is a 16-20 km obstacle course challenge designed to test physical strength, stamina and mental grit. With no winners or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line; it’s a challenge that emphasizes teamwork, camaraderie and accomplishing something you haven’t done before.

Since Tough Mudder’s inception, the company has hosted over 200 events globally, now including Tough Mudder Indonesia.