Just when you think you're tough enough


100 slots available for Duathlon simulation at TeamM3X’s Tri Studio launch on 11th Jan

If you’re thinking about trying a duathlon, RC Coaching will be conducting bike-run-bike-run session using bike trainers in front of the new M3X new studio in Putrajaya launching on 11th Jan.

100 slots are available during the session conducted by National Guest Coach, Rupert Chen.  Just put on your running shoes, bring a bicycle and bicycle trainer (or borrow one) with you and you’ll be all ready to try out your first duathlon simulation. The session is free of charge, and open to everyone.

  • Date:  11th Jan 2020
  • Venue: Team M3X Tri Studio in Heriot-Watt, Putrajaya
  • Time: 07:30am

If you’re a seasoned regular, join in and take it as a multi-brick training session to wake up your legs and kick off the new 2020!

Contact RC Coaching to book your spot quickly!