“This data gives the health coaches a real-time and accurate window into a client’s daily activity, heart rate, caloric burn and sleep; the patterns of a client’s daily life,” said Bob Summers, chief geek of Fitnet. “One in five Americans are collecting health data through wearables and smart watches but a lot of this data hasn’t been used properly. We’ve created a technology that will utilize the power of Apple Health to decipher it and use it to create something that will help, an action plan.”


Fitnet Live Coach includes four new key features:

  • First, live video calling allows clients to consult and workout live with a certified personal trainer. During each live 15-minute session, clients review their historical health data, discuss their needs and goals. Coaches then build a daily plan which is monitored each day for progression.
  • Next, the built-in session scheduler gives clients access to all trainer availability so they can pick training sessions and automatically sync appointments to their digital calendar.
  • Working with Apple watchOS 3, Fitnet gives clients the ability to monitor heart rate plus cardio zone during a workout and allows coaches to remotely ‘tap’ the client during a workout.
  • Finally, in-app messaging capabilities between client and coach include one-on-one text chat for sending links, answering questions as well as communicating about training sessions, the daily workout plan and nutritional guidance.

choose-a-live-coach schedule-chat-coach

“The ability to connect with my trainer at any time through video or text chat makes working with a health coach convenient and personal,” said Fitnet client Leah Ferguson. “Using data from Apple Health, my Fitnet Live coach creates custom health and nutrition plans. This is not only helping me reach my personal fitness goals, but also holding me accountable to the workouts. I am not sure how they do it, but everything is so automatic, making it super easy to use.”

Fitnet Live Coach is a monthly subscription-based program, with $49 per month getting you one live coaching session per week. Users can try the first seven days of Fitnet Live Coach at no cost. In addition, Fitnet still has over 200 free strength training, cardio and yoga workouts and is available for download on the Apple App Store.

About Fitnet
Based in San Francisco, award-winning Fitnet is the only fitness app that delivers a personal fitness experience combining wearable technology data, live health coaching and custom health and fitness plans. The comprehensive fitness solution is accessible, easy-to-use and fun for all ages and skill levels. The app’s Fitnet Live Coach feature provides accurate, personalized and real-time feedback through live video, which motivates clients to reach their health and fitness goals anytime, anywhere. A top-rated app Apple in more than 150 countries, Fitnet has helped users complete 2 million minutes of exercise and burn over 10 million calories since January of 2014. For more information, visit fit.net or follow @fitnethealth on Twitter and Instagram.